From the plane tree to Mahmoud Khan Bridge!



Author: Rahmatullah Nabil


Plane trees and trimmings are familiar letters to many Afghans.

Azra Logar district is one of the most strategic districts in Afghanistan. The district, in addition to having access to the Tari Mangal area and the plane tree on the other side of the Durand Line, has districts such as; Hesarak and Shirzad in Nangarhar province are also connected to Jaji Ariub in Paktia province, Khoshi and Mohammad Agha in Logar province, as well as Surobi and Khakjabar districts in Kabul province. Moreover, the Azra district has mountainous lands and difficult or impassable valleys.


As far as you are aware; Recently, the Azra district in Logar province was completely captured by the Taliban. Hundreds of Taliban fighters and other foreign terrorists have now been relocated to the district.


In addition to connecting to the districts as mentioned above, the shortest supply route for the Taliban to the outskirts of Kabul and the Kabul-Nangarhar highway is through the Azra Logar district.


Pa Chenar-Trimangal-Guo-Lak-Rovidar Khoo-Spinjumat enters the Azra district from there through the Tigris-Bozorganeh area, Viala, and then Kutal Qatareh into the Ghazgi area of Khak-e-Jabbar district of Kabul province.


After capturing the Azra Logar district, the Taliban, with the help of Pakistani troops, has deployed two bulldozers and is severely repairing/mending the road between Azra district and Ghazni district Khak-e-Jabbar district of Kabul. The trains are working. According to reports, the Taliban are pursuing the following goals by building and repairing this road;

First: Occupying the heights of Khak-e-Jabbar district and moving equipment to launch rockets over Kabul city, especially Kabul airport;

Second: Connecting to Deh Sabz / Kuh-e-Safi, Surobi, Bagrami, and Musa districts through Khaj-e-Jabbar to besiege Kabul city and threaten a rocket above Kabul airport;

Third: In case of completion of the mentioned road to Ghazni area of Khak-e-Jabbar district and passing the time interval by Hilks vehicles (pick-up) between Paha Janar and Khak-e-Jabbar district, it is estimated that this time interval may be shorter by motorcycle;

Dear officials;
Although I have informed some officials about the beginning of the work of Taliban bulldozers to build / repair and widen the mentioned road; Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the issue has not been taken into account, and the repair work is in full swing. In this way, I wanted to inform you once again and attract the people’s cooperation in this direction.


Undoubtedly, the enemies of the Afghan people are making serious efforts to achieve their sinister goals, but if we do not give them time, they will not be able to do anything. But; If we neglect as in the past, “the plane tree will be connected to Mahmoud Khan Bridge.”