Heavy casualties inflicted on Taliban fighters in Ghazni

Afghanistan عمران فروبلیAmran Forobali Sunday June 13th, 2021 0 Views



The escalation of insecurity has created busy days for Afghanistan’s security and defense forces. In the latest case, officials in Ghazni reported heavy casualties to the Taliban, stressing that dozens of the group’s fighters had been killed in face-to-face fighting and targeted operations by the country’s security and defense forces.


In the latest case, Ghazni governor’s spokesman Juma Zadeh said that more than 80 Taliban and other insurgent fighters, including foreign fighters, had been killed and wounded due to the security and defense forces’ targeted operations Muqur, Gilan, and Andar districts.


“In the first phase, joint security and defense forces launched a targeted operation in Gilan’s Gilan district, killing 15 insurgents and at least 30 other fighters,” Juma Zadeh told a police reporter in Ghazni. “They were wounded.”


A spokesman for the Ghazni governor stressed that the Taliban suffered deadly casualties in other operations in the Andar district. Juma Zadeh added: “Yesterday, the Taliban launched heavy attacks on Camp Sini in Andar district, but these attacks were repulsed by the forces stationed at this base, as a result of which at least 30 Taliban fighters were killed and wounded. The rest of the group’s fighters fled the scene.


According to Ghazni security officials, at least 12 Taliban fighters have been killed and several others wounded in another operation by security and defense forces in parts of Ghazni’s Muqur district. In addition, it is said that during these clashes, the amount of equipment and ammunition of the armed opposition was also made available to the security and defense forces of the country.


In addition, local officials emphasize that security and defense forces were able to seize a large amount of equipment, ammunition, and vehicles of the Taliban during these operations. Finally, it is worth mentioning that due to these clashes, the country’s military has also suffered casualties. A spokesman for the Ghazni governor acknowledged that security forces had suffered losses and said that at least three policemen had been killed in the clashes. However, the Taliban have not yet commented on the military’s claim.