More than 600 US Special Forces return to Afghanistan

Afghanistan عمران فروبلیعمران فروبلی Tuesday April 27th, 2021 0 Views

According to Western media reports, the US Department of Defense plans to send 650 US special forces troops to Afghanistan to assist and support the safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Concurrent with these remarks, there are reports that the United States has sent air-bomb bombers to the region to prevent its forces from withdrawing from Afghanistan.

John Kirby; A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that two B-52 bombers had been sent to the area to secure the exit of US troops to intervene if there was a threat from the Taliban.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, six B-52 fighters and a US Special Forces ground unit will be deployed to secure the exit process.

US Special Force
US Special Force

John Kerby said the Pentagon had taken precautions in response to the Taliban’s “sharp remarks”. According to him, all possibilities must be considered, and that the Taliban may resist the retreat of American forces.

Meanwhile, Scott Miller, the commander-in-chief of foreign forces in Afghanistan, announced a few days ago that foreign troops were preparing to leave the country and had begun preparations to leave.

Earlier, the Taliban said they would resume attacks if foreign troops did not withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1. Will be and will be given a powerful response.

US order for US embassy staff in Kabul

The State Department has ordered a significant evacuation of the remaining staff of its embassy in Kabul.

The US State Department issued a letter of recommendation on Tuesday (April 27th) stating how many embassy staff in Kabul should be removed under the recommendation. This order applies to all those whose duties can be carried out without a presence in Afghanistan.

Although the order was not issued to a specific number of people, it was more than usual as such directives are usually issued only to non-essential staff at the embassy.

The State Department also said in its recommendation that American citizens should not travel to Afghanistan and that those there should leave the country as soon as possible on existing commercial flights.

The new directive comes two days after General Scott Miller, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, said the US military had launched a withdrawal operation and that Afghan security forces should be ready to take over the bases.

The announcement was considered premature, as the official start schedule for the withdrawal of 2,500 to 3,500 US troops and 7,000 NATO troops was set for May.

US President Joe Biden announced last week that all US troops would leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.

This has raised concerns among some US military commanders. Military generals say they are concerned that this could further strengthen the Taliban and weaken the government’s hand in peace talks with the group.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in a speech in Kandahar on Thursday, adding: “Our commitment is to respectfully withdraw foreign troops from the country. Nothing bad happens. “We have protected our homeland and we are doing it again.”