Qaisar district police command falls to Taliban group

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Local officials in Faryab province say that the police command building in Qaisar district of Faryab province has fallen to the Taliban group and heavy casualties have been inflicted on the country’s security forces.
Nader Saeedi, a member of the Faryab Provincial Council, told the media on Sunday (June 6th): “The Taliban launched a heavy attack on the police headquarters in Qaisar district of Faryab province, which resulted in the attack of about 20 security personnel including Saif. Al-Rahman Dehzad, Qaisar Police Commander, has died.

Mr. Saeedi added that 37 members of the security forces had been captured during a Taliban attack on a police headquarters in Qaisar district.

The Faryab provincial council member also stressed that the Qaisar district building was also under siege by the Taliban and that more than 30 security forces were trapped in the siege.

Security officials in Faryab province have not yet commented.

The Taliban have intensified their attacks in more than 20 provinces in recent months.


Local News

Kabul Police arrest 27 people in connection of Crimes


Kabul police report the arrest of 27 criminals in connection with criminal offenses from different parts of Kabul.

“Security forces have arrested 27 people suspected of committing criminal acts in the past 48 hours in several operative operations in different parts of Kabul,” the Kabul Police Command said in a statement issued Saturday (June 5th).
The newsletter added that these people are related to crimes such as murder, wounding, mobile phone theft, illegal weapon transfer, armed robbery, disturbing security and public order, car theft, and defeated war in the first, third, fifth, sixth, seventh districts. The eighth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, sixteenth, and eighteenth of Kabul city have been identified and arrested by the police.

The bulletin of the Kabul Police Command also states that seven rounds of handguns were seized from the detainees by the security forces.

Armed robberies, murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, mobile phone theft, and other forms of crime have peaked in recent months, but the Kabul Police Command says that after the opening of the Security Pact program in the year In the past, with the implementation of this by the Ministry of Interior, the number of criminal offenses in the capital has decreased, and since last year, more than 1,500 people have been arrested in connection with various criminal offenses in Kabul province.



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