Distribution of home garden tools for 370 women farmers in Jawzjan

Economics Shekaib ZaheerShekab Zahir Thursday July 8th, 2021 0 Views



The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has announced in a press release that it has distributed the necessary tools and practical packages for home gardens to 370 women farmers in Jawzjan. A statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock reads: “Work in home gardens is distributed to several agricultural women in Aqcha, Khawaja Dukuh, and Sheberghan districts.”


“Shafiqullah Talash, head of the Jawzjan Agriculture Department, says the distributed equipment helps women in the home gardens and agriculture sector, and that they can use it to carry out their agricultural work,” the Ministry of Agriculture newsletter quoted local officials in Jawzjan as saying. “They should adjust and take better care of their cultivation.” “Women farmers will also be trained on how to advance their agricultural activities,” she said.


The head of the Jawzjan Department of Agriculture says that about 2,000 women are currently engaged in agricultural activities in Sheberghan and the districts of Khaja Dukuh and Aqcha. “Most of the vegetables sold in the province’s markets today are the work of women in the agricultural sector,” she said.


Women who have benefited from these agricultural packages say it will help improve their family economy. For example, Habiba, a farmer from Kahlak village in Sheberghan, says: “I have been cultivating and cultivating for four years. I grow wheat, onions, legumes, turmeric, turnips, peppers, and other vegetables to make a living. This farmer adds that she provides for her family of six through agricultural activities. “Three girls, a boy, a bride, and I make a living by selling agricultural products,” he said.


Habibeh learns how to cultivate and work in her home garden and is considered a successful farmer. Somayeh is another farmer from the village of Murghab in the city of Sheberghan. He says that before turning to agriculture, he was with his family and always reached out to his mother and father to meet his financial needs. But, he added: “Today, I will find the money I need myself. I know everything from cultivating emeralds to growing vegetables, saffron and saffron, and this is how I make a living.”


Somayeh added that she also learns to prepare dairy products and earns good money from selling them every month in addition to growing vegetables. “My income is one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand afghanis a year, and for me, as a daughter, it is good money,” she said. He delivers his products to the market and says that he has no problem selling his products and products.