Afghanistan got the first national radar system shipment to the country

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Although the Afghan government’s lack of control over Afghanistan’s airspace has caused the most significant concern to the country’s citizens, in the latest case, the Afghan government has announced that the relevant ministries have handed over the first shipment of the country’s radar system today. According to a newsletter published by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the equipment was purchased from a French company and is now in possession of the Afghan government.


“The first consignment of global radars purchased by the Afghan government from a French company arrived in Afghanistan this morning. A ceremony was held to deliver the purchased radars in the square,” reads a newsletter issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In addition, Hamid Karzai International Air Show was held in which Masoumeh Khavari, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Abdul Karim Tutakhel, Deputy Minister of Government Cohesion, Presidential Administration, Fahd Davood Momand, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Ataullah Nasib, Head of the French Investment Facilitation Unit, “Najibullah Wardak, First Deputy Minister of National Defense, Technical Representative of Thales Company and Omar Mansour Ansari, Head of Atra Department were present.”


A contract for installing national radars in Afghanistan has been signed between the Civil Aviation Authority and the French company Thales worth 112 million Euros, which will enter Afghanistan by 2023 with 12 independent radars. These radars are connected at 12 points in Afghanistan and can control the country’s airspace up to 45,000 feet. The first shipment of these radars, which arrived in Afghanistan today, is installed at Kabul, Herat, and Mazar-e-Sharif airports. The installation of these radars will increase the level of revenue of the Afghan government, and the payment of each flight that passes through the airspace of Afghanistan will increase from $ 750 to $ 950. On the other hand, the installation of these radars can increase the sovereignty of the Afghan government in the field of spatial control.


The Afghan government is talking about handing over the equipment while the Afghan government is currently having a hard time controlling Afghanistan’s airspace. Still, it is believed that Afghanistan will be able to protect its airspace independently by installing this system. Slowly, Afghanistan’s airspace was controlled by foreign forces, but now the Afghan government is trying to make significant progress in managing the country’s airspace.