New troops are deployed to border ports with neighboring countries

Economics Minallah PakneyatMinallah Kohistani Saturday July 10th, 2021 0 Views



As fighting intensifies in the country, the Taliban claimed that they had seized two important Afghan ports on the border with Iran and Turkmenistan. In a recent case, local officials have announced that new forces are being sent to regain control of the country’s essential ports. While the Taliban says the group’s fighters have taken control of the port of Islam Qala and Turgundi in Herat, local officials in the province have announced that fresh troops will be sent soon to retake the ports.


Jilani Farhad, the spokesman for the governor of Herat, told foreign media: “Currently there are some problems in the important economic ports in the west of the country, but the Afghan government will soon send new forces to these areas to the ports as soon as possible. “They need to take control of the economy and push the Taliban back.” The spokesman for the governor of Herat assures that the security situation will soon improve not only in these two economic ports but also in other parts of the province bordering Iran and Turkmenistan and that security forces are working to curb the Taliban movements.


Earlier, Sheikh Delaware, a senior member of the Taliban’s Qatari political bureau, told the media during a visit to Moscow that the Taliban had gained control of all of Afghanistan, in response to US President Joe Biden’s claim that He said the Taliban would never win because the Afghan government has 300,000 troops, stressing that this was the personal view of the US president, but that the Taliban had gained the ability to manage and control large parts of the region at least two months later.


The Taliban have previously claimed control of at least 170 districts in 29 provinces, but Afghan government officials say the Taliban claim is part of the group’s propaganda war. The country’s security officials also stressed that the Taliban were now trying to destabilize the people by launching a massive propaganda war.