Afghan Industry Minister: Afghanistan’s ports are temporarily closed but will be reopened

Economics Minallah PakneyatMinallah Kohistani Saturday July 10th, 2021 0 Views



According to a newsletter published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the National Economic Commission of the House of Representatives today summoned the Ministers of Industry, Trade, Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock. According to the newsletter, the Minister of Industry and Trade shared information about the latest economic developments in the country with officials in the country’s House of Representatives.


The ministry’s newsletter reads: “Minister of Industry and Trade Nisar Ahmad Ghoriani attended the meeting of the National Economy Commission to discuss increasing exports, problems in commercial ports, preventing hoarding and investment, and the questions of the commission members. The Minister of Industry and Trade emphasized at the meeting that the closure of some commercial ports in Afghanistan was temporary and would soon be opened to commercial property due to the efforts of security forces.


The newsletter also emphasizes that Nisar Ahmad Ghoriani has announced an increase in Afghanistan’s exports. “In the first five months of this year, we had a 21 percent increase in exports through transit routes, air corridors, and railways outside Afghanistan.” On the other hand, the Minister of Industry and Trade said about controlling the market to prevent inflation. “The sale and hoarding of raw materials needed by the citizens of the country added that the Ministry’s Consumer Protection Commission, in cooperation with the private sector, regularly monitors the market situation in the center and provinces and deals with profiteers, sellers, and hoarders.”


“The Minister of Industry and Trade also told members of the National Economy Commission about the country’s agricultural exports that he has directed the ministry’s trade fire to increase their efforts to market and increase the country’s agricultural exports,” the statement added. In another part of his reply to the commission members, Mr. Ghoriani said that the ministry had planned to import one hundred and fifty metric tons of wheat into the country two months ago to prevent cuts, and next month in cooperation with other institutions. “Government imports begin.”


While the security situation in Afghanistan has caused some Afghan ports to face security challenges and some of these ports to fall into the hands of the Taliban, the Ministry of Industry and Trade now emphasizes that the Minister of Industry and Trade also referred to the commission members. He assured that the ministry is fully prepared to increase the export and import of raw materials needed by the people, and there will be no problem in rising prices.