Assadullah Khalid threatens to resign and anger of Farah Members of Parliament

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Assadullah Khalid threatens to resign and anger of Farah Members of Parliament

The war, violence, and escalating Taliban offensive in most areas of Afghanistan have heightened concerns about the country’s involvement in a new age of civil war. In recent past weeks, the Taliban have been able to gain a lot of ground in the country’s provinces by using military options; Dozens of soldiers have surrendered to the group, and much equipment has been provided to the Taliban.


But in Kabul, the Ministry of National Defense has limited the war to publishing newsletters and launching propaganda campaigns. The Ministry of Defense published unprecedented newsletters claiming that an average of at least 50 Taliban was killed daily. Instead of responding to the media, the spokespersons of the Ministry of Defense have been content to send a newsletter.


Now the ability and management of the war have been highly questioned by National Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid; Many believe that Mr. Khalid, with his abnormal health, is the most incompetent director in the Ministry of Defense to lead the current war. Criticism of the weakness of the leadership levels in the Ministry of Defense has risen to such an extent that the government has been unable to hide these facts.


In addition, the Taliban have waged an unprecedented front on both sides of the mental and physical wars, extending their methods of warfare throughout Afghanistan; But instead of managing the war, the government is urging the Taliban to abandon the fight. At the height of this crisis, the collapse of essential parts of the country’s provinces has angered members of parliament to the point that they have demanded the unconditional resignation of Asadullah Khalid.


In the latest case, an audio message of Homayoun Shahidzadeh, a Farah Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives, has been circulated on several social media sites calling Mr. Shahidzadeh Assadullah Khalid a weak man. In this message, Mr. Shahidzadeh asks Assadullah Khalid to step down as soon as possible as you are not responsible for taking on the charges to manage this war.


“You are a very incompetent minister; you are a very incapable person; resign if you are not qualified. I leave a message at night and call you to say that the district is falling, the district is falling. Two hundred members of the security forces have been martyred, wounded, and surrendered to the Taliban. You were incompetent, and you did not even answer the call.


In another part of the message assigned to Hamayoon Shahidzada, it is stated: “When you do not have the authority, you do not have the facilities, and you have been symbolically installed here, leave the ministry, resign, be ashamed. What are you doing in this ministry, I as a representative of the people, What should I answer? It is a shame to both of you, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Interior. I am the representative of the people of Farah, Shahidzadeh; I am the Minister of Defense. “All the children of the people who were martyred, you are responsible for their deaths to answer why such an incident took place.”


But instead of managing the war and focusing on ending the crisis, the government is engaged in internal strife. However, an adviser to the Afghan National Security Council insists that efforts are underway to contain this war of attrition. Still, several military experts believe that the Afghan government is currently incapable of managing the conflict and that the country is on the brink of civil war.


At the same time, several ISIL affiliates are taking responsibility for attacking Hazaras in Kabul. In the most recent case, after a deadly attack on two Townace-type vehicles in the sixth and thirteenth districts of Kabul, involving at least five civilians dead, including two women who were Afghan film employees; At least five people were killed, and several were injured.


Following the incident, the ISIS group claimed responsibility. In recent weeks, the anomaly of war, as well as the creation of ethnic and tribal divisions among the citizens of the country, has created a strange panic in Afghanistan; To the extent that several citizens consider this situation intolerable and emphasize that the continuation of this situation has led to an increase in social crisis and psychological disorders in society.


However, NATO and the United States, which are just a few steps away from completing their most extended combat mission in Afghanistan, stressing that a severe plan must be put in place to maintain and maintain Kabul Airport to maintain and continue diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.