Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

India’s Daily express newspaper, has wrote on increase of flight tickets from Kabul to Delhi and return. In an interview with Afghan patients who went to New Delhi for treatment, reported that a threefold increase in the cost of returning tickets from Delhi – Kabul has hit all patients seriously and even several Patients visa is also closer to their expiration date. The tribute price has risen to 400 dollars since the tensions between New Delhi-Islamabad and the closure of its Airspace have been rising, the newspaper wrote.

“The airlines that are flying to Kabul or vice versa has now cut most of the flights or has changed their route, which would increase the cost of the trip ticket packages,” the newspaper also said. The trip to Delhi has tripled and increased the anger of Afghan patients in New Delhi. ”

Meanwhile, some travel agencies in Kabul say that, in addition to increasing the cost of return flights tickets from Delhi to Kabul, the flight route has been prolonged, which is considered worrying for Afghan patients.

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